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A Promised Smile

Tags: Aiden, Entertainment, Gaming, MataTech, Pictures
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Yes, it's true. Aiden has been smiling as of late. Of course, I'm convinced it's only gas, but either he's gassing a lot more or he's starting to figure out what his facial muscles are for. Time will tell, that's for sure.

MataTech Consulting Business Card (click to go to site)

Business is still coming in strong. I recently went to a One-Minute Marketing "business mixer," which was similar to speed dating for businesses. I happened to land a few good business cards and meet a couple of people in the area, and I chatted with some of the people involved with the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. It was an eye-opening experience, seeing other professionals trying to promote their businesses the same way as I was mine. Granted, I was probably the only one in my area of business, but it still allowed me to be exposed to other sectors. Of course, if you know anybody who is in need of IT services, let me know or point them to me.

I can also humbly admit my addiction to music-based video games. Ever since Harmonix released FreQuency and Amplitude, I've been hooked on games that let you make music. Granted, there will always be a special place in my heart for DDR and it's too-numerous-to-mention successors, games that allow you to "make" music by not playing parts of a song that you didn't complete yet are much dearer to me. Which is why the Guitar Hero series, along with Rock Band, are so much fun. The challenge of being able to play an instrument (even a fake one) with the reward of hearing awesome music as a result of doing it correctly are exactly the type of combination that makes it so much fun.

To top that off, a cult favorite band of mine, Freezepop, continues to release awesome songs, so good that I even went out and purchased them on iTunes. Now, if only I was a teenager again so I could make all the time I wanted to play these games...